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Every writer needs guidance, needs another pair of eyes. Mel Walsh Jones, MFA, has red hair, Red Sox loyalty, and an eye for good writing. She’s a brass-tacks grammarian with a flair for style. She’ll be your Gertrude Stein. She’ll rescue your writing from too many words and wrong plot turns. She’ll take you to higher ground.

Gordon J.

Your poetry sends chills down my spine!

Christine O.

"Every author deserves an editor who can bring two important things to a critical examination of a manuscript: an absolute understanding of the English language and a complete understanding of the work she's editing. I got this and much more from Mary-Ellen's developmental edit on my novel. Her comments were hard-hitting and pointed, but that made the story better. She found the holes I couldn't and made suggestions with a full understanding of my characters. She will make your book worth reading."

Phyllis A. Duncan, author of A War of Deception



Cafe Window


Book Editing

I am currently editing a fantasy novel by Christine O'Neill. It is a fascinating study of the evolution of human character woven so deeply into the essence of the characters that you will see yourself and everyone you know portrayed in her pages. 

Look for her published work in the future.


365 Poetry

I challenged my son Nick to write 365 poems in 365 days. He said he would if I would, so there's that. Expect to see them pop up on Twitter, Facebook, and Culture Salad

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